The Prep Work

The work that needed to be put in for the 1900 mile journey has been quite prolific. It all started with ensuring my vehicle, my control agent was ready for the task. New tires, struts, oil change, and clean from the inside out. I have two coolers packed with drinks, energy bars, and enormous amounts of snacks and gum. I have packed five bags of cloths, one bag of shoes, bags of dry staple food, and certain luxuries that I know I could not be comfortable without. (not excluding my electric kettle, my tea stash, some scented candles, a scented plugin, and of course some of my movies.)

The 1900 mile journey has brought up many different elements, is my preferred gas station available outside of California, what happens when my cell phone starts loosing battery, what about if I’m driving through an area without cell phone reception? I recommend anyone undertaking a driving journey to visit their local AAA branch. I have been taught by my father from the beginning of my diving career to read maps, to be able to rely not only on GPS. As a single woman I knew I wanted to be able to find my way regardless of cell reception and battery life. It was this that compelled me to go to the AAA office. I receive physical maps, travel books, and a step by step guide/map book of my journey. All of which were free with my membership.

I have gas stations, restaurants, and tourist sights mapped out, check in times with certain people to ensure that on the off chance something happens, cavalry can be easily located. I am purchasing a National Parks annual pass so that I will be able to hit up at least 4 different parks on my adventure. I have even planned out undertaking a micro-brewery/pub driving crawl across the US. I am going to take my time driving, having a two day stop in Utah and a two day stop in Kansas. It is shaping into not only a cross country adventure, but a journey of a lifetime.




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