The Wonder in Traveling

I have been remiss and have not posted in many moons. After my epic cross country drive there and back again, it was quite easy to slip into the regular ever pervasive grind of daily life. I recently took a trip to New Orleans and reawakened my focus on traveling, seeing and being in the world.

New Orleans had always been on my list – largely for two reason. One due to being French Canadian with ancestors who helped to explore Louisiana. Second I have a love for cajun and creole cooking. My quest to walk the streets of “Nawlins was encouraged with films that gave me glimpses of the wonders.

I have realized that one of the most important things to do when traveling to a new place is to allow for one to be open to whatever that place has to offer. To make a conscious decision to not let one’s ideas or outside pictures to influence how you actually experience the location.

From the moment I stepped out onto the streets of The French Quarter, I was instantly in love. The atmosphere, the street architecture, the food, the music that floats in the air, and even the smooth style of people. Now this love is complicated, there were street smells that were unpleasant, the ever present sad state of homeless, and the inundation of drunken people flooding Bourbon Street. Yet despite all of this, there was a unique soul of New Orleans which I not only enjoyed but want to return to CAM03078

It was the richness of this soul which reawakened my own.


“People get it all wrong. You travel not to find your soul. You travel to feed it.” Genefe Navilon


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